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[Tom and Nancy Cox]


[Our Teddies]

Toby Jo and Molly Sue (brother and sister and have never been separated) are Teddy Bear Puppies which is a cross between a Shih-Tzu and Bichon Frise which are know for their excellent temperment. They are 7 years old and the best little kiddeos around and are always with us wherever we go. They love to travel, camp, bike ride, go to the Vet, and especially love it when our grandchildren come over and push them in the doll stroller.


"Tom's workstation where his creativity becomes realistic"

Photography by Red Pine Precision Modeling

[Workstation during working hours]

"Tom's workstation during working hours"

Photography by Red Pine Precision Modeling

Red Pine Precision Modeling Services

* Custom Building, painting, detailing, and weathering models (Including most plastic, resin and brass models.)
* Custom painting, detailing, and weathering of customers models.
* Layout design and consultation.
* Custom building and detailing of layouts.
* We have an extensive Canadian brass collection (some US roads) for sale or trade.
* We repair most makes of brass and plastic locomotives.

Other Specialty Services

* Prepare artwork (projection drawings) and instructional drawings for manufacturers of models and kits.

* Produce masters and drawings (original models for prototype casting) for manufacturers.
* Assemble and critique preliminary prototypes from various manufacturers prior to production.

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